About Us

In 1921, after completing his education, John Robert McFarland (above photo) obtained an embalmer/ funeral director license for $2.00 and provided his services in the Willowtown Community of Taylor County, Kentucky. 

J. W.  McFarland relates that his grandfather was unsuccessful in getting one of his sons or grandsons to take over the business because it demanded such commitments as getting out at all hours and in all kinds of inclement weather. So in the mid 1930's he sold his business to Mr. Fred Parrott who moved it to Saloma, Kentucky. Mr. Parrott later moved to a location on Main Street in Campbellsville and took on a financial partner, Mr. John Ramsey, owner of Taylor County Supply.

Parrott & Ramsey Funeral Home moved to its current location at 418 Lebanon Ave in Campbellsville in 1944, after purchasing the Kerr home at auction for $5,000. Many renovations have been made to the home to accommodate the changing funeral services; including the construction of a chapel built to seat 420 people which was completed in 1975.

Fred and Bessie Parrott sold the funeral home to their son and daughter-in-law, Bob and Joyce Parrott in 1965. After Bob's death in 1971 the home was sold to Dale and Carol Ann Lowe who sold it to Terry and Judy Dabney in 1981. The Dabney's continue to provide the tradition of sincere and personal service that began about a century ago in Taylor County.